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Here at the 40 under website we will not only be looking at the best and brightest in Pittsburgh but we will be highlighting different tactics, books, articles and any other means that successful people and entrepreneurs use to make money. Top Earners Club

Success can be measured in many ways and it is important for the young people of today not to get discouraged when we live in a world that pushes riches and new fads in our faces every second. Have a look on what is popular on Instagram and snap chat. Why are skinny jeans in and what make a 13 year old want to go out and buy a grateful dead shirt if they have never heard the music. In a world of such excess we need to instill in our youth the meaning of being happy with making progress. I tell my children the Great Wall of Chin was built one brick at a time and the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Success equals progress. And the amount of progress can be grown in order to speed up the process of attaining more tangible success. Another tactic I implore on my children is using you mind to sit back and think up a solution to a problem. Whether it’s looking to raise a good amount of money or it is figuring out a way to fix something, I let them know that they all are equipped with the greatest thinking computer on Earth.

In our heads is a super computer that can pull in out of the heavens the Theory of relativity  and also the concepts of gravity and evolution. Now where do these answers come from? They simply come from questions that people had the courage to sit back and let the brain answer it.

Stay tuned and check back with us as we will be rebuilding our website.

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