AmazonBasics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand

If you happen to be just starting out with putting together a healthier lifestyle, then it will come up in conversations with your peers that you will need to start working out. Today we will showcase and review a great set of beginner Dumbbells that anyone will be satisfied with using.

beginner dumbbell set

What I’m talking about today is the Amazon Basics 20-Pound Dumbbell Set with Stand. It retails for around 23-27 dollars and hapens to be one of the hottest selling products on the whole Amazon site to date.  So what is it that you get if you decide to pick up one of these sets.

Well for one, these dumbbells are specifically targeted to beginners as they are not heavy enough to give you that bulky look but will mostly tone and lift parts of your arms. When I first began to start lifting I made the mistake of not starting out with low weights to get my body accustomed to lifting every day.  Long story short I ended up with sore arms and needless to say I stopped working out after a week for about 4 months. It was only when I started back up again with the lighter weights that I was able to gradually start increasing my lifting weights.

Sorry about the little tangent, let me go ahead and list some of the benefits you will enjoy from these finely crafted weights.

  • 3 sets of dumbbells in 5-lb, 3-lb, and 2-lb sizes.
  • Made for interchangeable indoor and outdoor use.
  • Very forgiving and soft Neoprene coating on weights to allow for a secure grip even when the sweat is dripping! 
  • Quick-assemble weight stand included that can be tucked away from children for safety.
  • 3 Easy on the eye pastel colored weights

Just like I said previously, this is not the ideal spot for a man to start at but if you are first getting into changing your life around don’t let the small weights sway your decision. Now there are also other colors available and heavier weights you can get. I will now give you the gist of what other purchasers had been saying and wrap my review up with a link for you to go an check these out completely for your self.

At the Amazon site I am immediately drawn to the ever hard to achieve four out of five stars from the ratings and reviews. 4 out of 5 stars Now what is interesting about this is that Amazon does surprisingly not play favorites when it comes to the reviews. As a person who always checks reviews and writes them myself, I have discovered that sellers who are found to have fake reviews never stay on the site for long. Especially long enough to receive over four hundred reviews. Let me list just some of the more prominent ones down below. This particular product has received 4.7 out of 5 stars. Sounds like a great product right? Well, lets look into what people with not so great reviews had to say also. These can all be checked out at the Amazon description site also.

  1. “Lopsided weights!” This person gave the product 1 star but seeing as there are not a lot of these I would say it was a factory defect that simply slipped through.
  2. We also have a 2 star review from many people who did not like the stand. Nothing to big in my mind as it simply cannot compare to all the satisfied customers.
  3. Once again we have some 3 star reviews all talking about how the weight stand is to flimsy. On review even stated he needed to use super glue to make the stand more sturdy. It’s good information but not one that would stop a person in need of quality weights for this price of around $25.00

The remaining 85 to 95% of the reviews are 4 and 5 stars from here on out and if you are interested in reading them just click any of the images or follow the link here-20lb Dumbbell Set 

I hope this has been helpful for you and remember this item is a Prime Item-